Handshake Community

There is no official Handshake Foundation or entity. Handshake is a decentralized protocol and loose consensus on its software.


Forking and maintaining separate distributions is encouraged. There is no official repo or website long-term.


Please see the Grants and Sponsors page for details.


There is no singular official Handshake Project website, spokesperson, or repo. There is no official "team page".

Every single person is a genuine and authorized Director of The Handshake Project. If someone has given you a document or business card representing themselves as a Director of The Handshake Project, they have full authority to represent as Director of The Handshake Project with their own personal viewpoint, So Please Treat Them Right. You, the reader, are also a Director of The Handshake Project and have equal claim on authority, action, and viewpoints.

Any claims made by anyone on what Handshake does (or will do) does not necessarily have the agreement of other participants in the community and should not be seen as a definite certainty.