Trademark Disclaimer

Handshake Names Trademark Disclaimer

Handshake started a sunrise period on March 20, 2018 (the “Sunrise Period”). The purpose of the Sunrise Period is for trademark holders and applicants to claim their trademarked domain names and receive their USPTO or European Union registered trademarked domain names, or other trademark equivalent registered in another country, as a Handshake name. The Sunrise Period will end no earlier than three months after the start of the Sunrise Period.

The top one hundred thousand ranked domain names, according to Alexa on 2018-06-04 18:18:41 timezone PST have been pre-reserved as part of the Handshake network. This Sunrise Period is for domain name holders that have a pending trademark application or a trademarked domain name but do not currently own a top one hundred thousand Alexa ranked website to claim the trademarked name on the Handshake blockchain. Handshake Development is providing forms for both types of users to claim their respective Handshake names.

In order to claim your USPTO, European Union, or equivalent government entity in a foreign country registered trademarked domain name during the Sunrise Period, you MUST fill out this form on the website. Only the verified or pending trademark holder or a registered agent thereof can claim a trademark pending or trademarked name on the Handshake blockchain during the Sunrise Period. Moreover, if there are identical trademarks in question between applicants, then Handshake will register the earliest registered trademark that has been claimed during the Sunrise period. Upon mainnet launch, claims via the application will close. Following this period, entities can register Handshake names associated with their trademarked domain names through the regular Handshake auction process.

If you fail to fill out this form within the Sunrise Period, there is no guarantee at mainnet launch that you will be able to claim a domain name on the Handshake name system that references your trademark(s), and there is no guarantee you will be able to claim the name(s) in the future. After the sunrise period is over, Handshake will launch as a distributed, and decentralized system free from centralized control and secured by a proof of work consensus algorithm. This means that the Handshake Development will not be able to assist with name disputes as any changes to the system will be subject to community consensus which we cannot guarantee.